Reviews, quotes and coverage

“One of the highlights of Sunday’s Comica Comiket”
– The Guardian

“[Solipsistic Pop is] part of a wider continuum of comics that takes as its inspiration the entire spectrum of where comics are at this point in time […] a creation of an alliance of mutual inspiration and an art object to act as a beacon to other like-minded artists”
– The Comics Journal

“Excellent stuff and beautifully made”
Robin Ince

“It’s sumptuous, beautiful, stirring, optimistic stuff, an anthology to move the British self-published/small press scene into the next decade”
– Forbidden Planet International

“The quality of the writing and the artistic talent here is truly amazing”
– Web Comic Geek

“Look forward to more of this”
Jeffrey Brown

“Just the blatant love of printing and sequential art that exudes from the entire volume makes it an endeavor well worth supporting”
– J M Shriveley

“Another fantastic anthology, with an aesthetic leaning towards the McSweeney’s side of the field of intellectual humour”
Page 45

“It’s all painfully impressive… a triumph and a call to arms that is worthy of support. It bears the gift of comics: the joy of words and artwork collided together to make wonders, dreams and nightmares”
Mike Leader


Solipsistic Pop 1 is still available from selected stores and the online shop. Online orders also come with a badge and vinyl sticker (while stocks last).


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