Solipsistic Pop 4 Previews

To pre-order your copy of Solipsistic Pop 4, click here.



  1. […] That’s it for the events this year (probably). This is to allow you to visit shops you don’t like in order to purchase gifts for people you do. You’re welcome. Another Nelson contributor is Tom Humberstone who masterminds his own self-published anthology, Solipsistic Pop, aiming to showcase the finest alternative comic creators living and working in the UK at the moment (like Luke Pearson, Stephen Collins, Lizz Lunney, Adam Cadwell, Joe Decie, Darryl Cunningham and the like). “It is an anthology unlike most other anthologies. It has a specific brief and is curated in such a way that it encourages, supports, and in some cases demands, the artists play around and do something different. It’s always a delight to open my inbox and find a comic sitting there from someone who has completely changed style and pushed themselves to do something totally different to their normal work.” The rest of that interview with Humberstone is over at Broken Frontier, where he discusses the original SP manifesto and where they find themselves right now, which I’m going to take a wild leap in the dark and guess “almost entirely bankrupt” because this new issue is a quite a thing. Humberstone is famous for sparing no expense in terms of design and printing costs but with this one it’s like he’s gone through a catalogue of printing options and flipped to the expensive back section like a bizarro George Costanza. There’s even glow-in-the-dark stuff. It’s glorious. See some of it here. […]


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