• Solipsism:  The philosophical notion that one’s own mind is all that exists. Solipsism is not a single concept but instead refers to several worldviews whose common element is some form of denial of the existence of a universe independent from the mind of the agent.
      • Pop: The totality of ideas, perspectives, attitudes, memes, images and other phenomena that are deemed preferred per an informal consensus within the mainstream of a given culture.

Solipsistic Pop Books is a boutique UK comics publisher established in 2009 with the launch of the Solipsistic Pop anthology.

Solipsistic Pop Books will publish comics from artists featured in the anthology and many more besides.

Solipsistic Pop Books aim to publish beautiful, fresh, inventive comics from UK artists in original and surprising formats.

Solipsistic Pop continues to be a regular anthology designed to spotlight the best in alternative comic art from the UK. The anthology was created by Tom Humberstone who curates and designs each book.

This website will be updated with previews of artwork from the books, essays, news and related live events.

Books can be purchased online here.

Contact Solipsistic Pop Books and find out about submission guidelines here.