Solipsistic Pop Book Four

Takayo Akiyama is a Japanese-born illustrator/cartoonist. She moved to London to finish her MA at Central Saint Martins. She loves to create detailed fantasy worlds, and contributes illustrations to numerous publications and fashion houses. Her comic series ‘Siamese Twins’ was published by Edition Cambourakis in France.
Kristyna Baczynski is an illustrator/animator hailing from a land far, far away. She likes to draw, print, move and read pictures.
Dan Berry is an illustrator, designer, cartoonist and lecturer based somewhere around the middle of the UK. He teaches comics at the North Wales School of Art & Design at Glyndwr University. The act of drawing pleases him.
Joe Blann is an illustrator/comic artist based in Brighton.
Stephen Collins is a cartoonist and illustrator based in London. In 2008 he won the Cartoon Arts Trust award for Best Strip Cartoonist for The Day Job – his weekly strip in The Times. He also won Best Editorial (bronze) in the AOI Images 2008 collection. He specialises in comic strips, contemporary caricature, and general editorial illustration.
Rob Davis is a comic artist/writer and do anything illustrator who has worked on British comic mainstays like Roy of the Rovers, Doctor Who and Judge Dredd. He also produces editorial illustrations and comic strips for newspapers and magazines, as well as illustrating children’s books.
Paul Harrison Davis is an accomplished comics artist whose work has been published in the Mammoth Book of Best New Manga.
Joe Decie draws pictures in boxes that are true and made up. He currently lives on the south coast of England with his girlfriend and their son. His favourite chilli pepper is the Scotch Bonnet and his favourite whiskey is Lagavulin.
John Cei Douglas is a freelance illustrator and comic artist hailing from Leicester, a small nondescript town in the Midlands, albeit one which is redeemed by not actually being Coventry. He was eventually drawn to the bright lights of London and, when he isn’t being overwhelmed by STUFF, spends his time creating fanciful illustrations and thoughtful little comics for larks. He is tired at least 90% of the time, but quite good at drawing if he thinks really, really hard about it.
Oliver East goes on long walks following predetermined lines of various kinds then draws comics about them. Containing the environment, people and events along the routes, so far these Landscape Comics are ‘Trains Are…Mint’, ‘Proper Go Well High’ and ‘Berlin and That’, all published by Blank Slate Books.
Nick Edwards Nick Edwards is a cartoonist in London. He specialises in overly detailed drawings of beetles, machines, science and space.
Marc Ellerby has drawn comics for such lovely publishers as Oni Press (Love The Way You Love), Image Comics (This is a Souvenir, Put The Book Back On The Shelf) and Slave Labor Graphics (Fat Chunk – Zombie). He has also drawn illustrations for companies like Drowned In Sound, WhatsOn, Truck Festival and Atlantic Records.
Paul Francis was born in the Midlands and lives in London with his wife and one-year-old son. He works in a supported housing project and draws comics in his spare time. His work has appeared in Icon Magazine, The Ride Journal, Penpusher, Pavement and 24Housing.
Katie Green is the artist behind ‘Green Bean’ and is currently working on a graphic novel. She lives and works in Bristol.
Isabel Greenberg is a freelance illustrator and writer based in London.
Howard Hardiman was described as “suave” by Simply Knitting magazine. He makes comics and is studying for an MA in Illustration at Camberwell College of Arts. He makes a web comic about a lonely badger moping around South London at .
Ste Hitchen sells postage stamps and bacon during the day, and makes comics by night. He is the artist behind ‘The Ste-Regular’ and lives with his girlfriend Christine (small), and dog Cindy (very small) in a Derbyshire village high in the hills.
Tom Humberstone is the creator of Art School Scum and Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Crohns Disease. His latest comic, How To Date a Girl In 10 Days, won an Eagle Award in 2008 for “Favourite black and white British comic”. He is currently working on his next book
Joe List is the artist behind ‘Freak Leap’ and ‘The Annotated Weekender’.
Lizz Lunney is an illustrator from Birmingham. She likes black tea, knitting and cats. Other animals she thinks are good include rabbits, elves, bears, dragons, unicorns, monkeys, dinosaurs, lions, tigers and meercats. Lizz’s latest comic is Big Cat Parade. In May 2008 she became one of the artists for the Top Shelf 2 online comic.
John Miers has recently enrolled at St Martin’s art school where he is embarking on a crackpot scheme to earn a doctorate by making a graphic novel and writing a bunch of stuff about it. After which he will change his surname to Doom.
Kathryn Newman is an artist/illustrator living and studying in London.
She makes drawings about beards and builds strange paper maché fish.
Luke Pearson is an illustration student/comic artist, with a forthcoming solo comic to be released by NoBrow Press later this year. On a clear day his work can usually be spotted at
Philippa Rice draws the daily webcomic My Cardboard Life.
Jenny Robins is really good at drawing. She especially likes drawing birds and people and fashion. She lives and works in London at art, illustration, comics and teaching.
Edward Ross writes and draws comics from his flat in Edinburgh. He is the creator of 100 Tiny Moments From My Past, Present and Future and the ongoing series Filmish: Comic Book Essays on Film Theory.
Alison Sampson is an Architect. She has been analysing, planning,
drawing and building bits of cities for the last twenty-five years.
She lives in London, not far from much of her work, and her art blog
Anna Saunders is an artist and illustrator living in London. Her work has spanned a wide range of mediums and she has produced illustrations, cartoons, drawings, scenic imagery and prop builds since graduating from Brighton in 2003.
Since moving to London in 2004 Matthew Sheret has been a journalist, a web-hack, a curator, an educator, a serious young man, a commentator, a student, a critic, an artist, a photographer, a DJ, an editor, a writer and a publisher. He liked being described once as a “Dungeon Master of popular culture”. (portrait by Marc Ellerby)