Solipsistic Pop 3 Cover

An 80 page comic extravaganza for the discerning sequential art fan.

30 original and exclusive stories from 26 of the finest comic artists living in the UK.

Every imaginative, inventive and inspiring graphic tale within Solipsistic Pop 3 is uniquely tailored to be accessible to readers of all ages. An alternative comics primer for adults and children alike.

Includes a free Solipsistic Pop pencil for readers to create their own comic!

Plus! An A3 poster & re-peelable set of stickers designed by Philippa Rice.

Limited print-run of 500 copies.

Launch party and related comic workshops for children in early November. Further details to be announced soon.

Pre-order your copy today to avoid missing out!

If you’re a retailer and would like to stock Solipsistic Pop 3 please email solipsisticpop*at*gmail*dot*com.

Cover artwork by Marc Ellerby

Solipistic Pop logo designed by Sarah Gordon


  1. Do you think the new book will get distributed to any shops in the US or will you be at any conventions in the states? Awesome stuff!


    1. Thank you sir! Yes we hope to get it stocked in a couple of US shops at least – ask your local store to get in touch and we’ll get some copies to them. Will also try to attend some US conventions next year. SPX, APE and MOCCA are all in the calendar but we’ll have to see – obviously, it’s a bit costly to attend US shows.


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