Pre-order Ellipsis from Solipsistic Pop Books

Solipsistic Pop editor Tom Humberstone has finished the first chapter of his six part comic series Ellipsis…

El•lip•sis (noun). From Ancient Greek (elleipsis) to leave out, fall short.

  1. a mark or series of marks used to indicate an intentional omission, unfinished thought or a trailing off into silence. The ellipsis can also inspire a feeling of melancholy or longing.
  2. a sudden leap from one topic to another.
  3. a comic composed of six standalone but interconnected short stories by Tom Humberstone.

Issue One: Pregnant Pause. A young woman contemplates the transient and incongruous nature of airports as she begins a new chapter of her life.

“A wry yet heartfelt examination of the subtext whenever anyone says ‘the journey’s more important than the destination’” – Kieron Gillen (Phonogram, Journey into Mystery)

ISBN 978-0-9570519-1-1 / £5.00 / Published by Solipsistic Pop Books / 24 pages

A three page PDF preview can be downloaded here.

A press release for the book can be downloaded here. If you would like to receive a review copy of the book as a physical or digital edition please contact solipsisticpop*at*gmail*dot*com.

The book will have a launch party at Gosh! Comics in London on Friday 27th July followed by an official release on Monday 30th July. A digital edition will also be available to download on the Monday. Those who attend the Gosh event will be able to have their copies signed and will also receive an A5 signed & numbered colour print incentive.

You can pre-order your copy of the book here. The first 100 pre-orders will also receive the A5 signed & numbered print incentive. All pre-orders will be dispatched so they arrive on July 27th to conincide with the Gosh event.

An Ellipsis subscription is also available for those who would like pre-order all 6 issues of the book and a collected edition when it is complete. Subscribers will receive copies signed & sketched, plus incentive prints, plus a chance to buy or win original artwork from the series. For more details please go here.