Solipsistic Pop 4 On Sale Now

After a successful launch at Concrete, the Comica Comiket and Thought BubbleSolipsistic Pop 4 is now available to order online here.

“The wake up call I needed to remind me of the wealth of top quality British comics available” (9/10)
Comics Anonymous

“An exceptionally creative set of stories”
Tim Noakes, Dazed & Confused

“[One of] 2011’s Best Graphic Novels”
– Tom Gatti, The Times

“Flying the flag for print, journeying and the finest in alternative comic talent”
Emily Gosling, Design Week

“The epitome of “lovingly hand-crafted”, this is the finest British comics anthology I can ever recall with the most luxurious production values which speak of a true love of comics”
Stephen Holland, Page 45

Any orders between December 2nd and December 19th will also receive an exclusive comics-themed Christmas postcard by editor Tom Humberstone:

A set of 10 is available to purchase here.

Solipsistic Pop 4 is also stocked at Orbital Comics, Gosh!, Page 45, OK Comics, and Travelling Man.

If you would like your local comic shop, book store, library, school or university to stock Solipsistic Pop – please quote the ISBN number: 978-0-9570519-0-4.


Solipsistic Pop 3 Launch

On Friday 12th November, we will be celebrating the launch of Solipsistic Pop 3 with a party in Camden’s Black Heart (). Entry is £3 and the doors open at 8pm.

The book will be on sale for £12 and will come with a free bag of penny sweets from the Solipsistic Pop Tuckshop (while stocks last). For maximum enjoyment, you are encouraged to consume your sugary treats while digesting Solipsistic Pop 3.

The fantastic comedians Bec Hill and Terry Saunders will be performing, as will the wonderful MJ Hibbett. We’ll also be joined by DJ Bitter Fingers who’ll see us through to the 12.30 close.

There are plans to teach several comic workshops for children and young adults – run by Solipsistic Pop contributors –  at the end of November/early December to coincide with the launch. The workshops will be run in collaboration with The Ministry Of Stories. More details about this nearer the time.

We hope to see you at the launch!

Flyer artwork by David O’Connell. Design by Tom Humberstone


Solipsistic Pop 2 reviews and coverage

Solipsistic Pop continues to set the bar high for other British comics anthologies, and it seems as though this community of artists is committed to the anthology’s future success.  It’s the rare anthology where I wanted to see more work from virtually everyone included, and that sort of quality and effort reflects the commitment it took to make this such an engaging read”
Rob Clough, The Comics Journal

“This is a carefully considered, lovingly crafted and utterly covetable compendium, a confirmation of the pleasure of comics in printed inks on quality paper stock […] Don’t have any second thoughts about purchasing this”
Paul Gravett

“I loved SP2, it’s brilliant. It’s so beautifully put together and it makes me proud to think all of those artists come from the UK right now!”
Josie Long

“An incredible collection of comic art from some excellent artists […] absolutely head and shoulders above so much of what’s available”
Forbidden Planet International

“Everything about SP2 improves upon the original volume in some way or another. The design is tighter, the content is higher in terms of overall quality, and everything from the cover to the credits page is better, brighter and bolder. Recommended highly, it’s an immensely solid collection that offers an essential look into one of the most underrepresented alternative scenes in the English-speaking comic world today”
Avoid The Future

“A good collection of people who seem on the verge of really hitting their stride with comics, kinda like the early Kramers Ergot books”
Jeffrey Brown

“Like good pop music, all of the comics in the anthology are short – some sweet, some bittersweet but all with great force […] In an age of free-digital, it’s of importance that a paid-analog thing impresses itself on your hands. Solipsistic Pop gets this right. Very right”
Ben Gwalchmai

“A British version of David Eggers’ McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern to showcase our best comic artists”
The Independent

“I’m a lover of anthologies, and will be the first to admit, most of ’em are more miss than hit. This puppy is almost all hit”
Top Shelf


Solipsistic Pop 2 is still available from selected stores and the online shop.

Reviews, quotes and coverage

“One of the highlights of Sunday’s Comica Comiket”
– The Guardian

“[Solipsistic Pop is] part of a wider continuum of comics that takes as its inspiration the entire spectrum of where comics are at this point in time […] a creation of an alliance of mutual inspiration and an art object to act as a beacon to other like-minded artists”
– The Comics Journal

“Excellent stuff and beautifully made”
Robin Ince

“It’s sumptuous, beautiful, stirring, optimistic stuff, an anthology to move the British self-published/small press scene into the next decade”
– Forbidden Planet International

“The quality of the writing and the artistic talent here is truly amazing”
– Web Comic Geek

“Look forward to more of this”
Jeffrey Brown

“Just the blatant love of printing and sequential art that exudes from the entire volume makes it an endeavor well worth supporting”
– J M Shriveley

“Another fantastic anthology, with an aesthetic leaning towards the McSweeney’s side of the field of intellectual humour”
Page 45

“It’s all painfully impressive… a triumph and a call to arms that is worthy of support. It bears the gift of comics: the joy of words and artwork collided together to make wonders, dreams and nightmares”
Mike Leader


Solipsistic Pop 1 is still available from selected stores and the online shop. Online orders also come with a badge and vinyl sticker (while stocks last).

Solipsistic Pop Resonance FM Interview

Alex Fitch, presenter of Panel Borders, interviews four Solipsistic Pop contributors for London’s Resonance FM today at 5pm (GMT). Listen live here. A longer version of the interview (as a podcast) will be available here after the broadcast.

Stephen Collins, Matthew Sheret, Julia Scheele and Tom Humberstone talk about the origins of the anthology, the reasons for writing a manifesto, the state of the British comics scene, the difference between the alternative comic scene in North America compared to the UK, mainstream acceptance (or lack thereof) of the comicbook artform, and the future of print.